Daniel Fast

What is a Daniel Fast?

It’s a partial fast that eliminates certain foods for both health and time reasons.  The idea is to eat very simple, nutritious foods that require little to no preparation so more time can be given to prayer, worship, and reading and meditating on the Word of God. It is based on two passages of scriptures from the book of Daniel:

Ch 1 – Daniel and his friends ate “pulse,” which was a plant-based diet, meaning food grown from seed. This would include vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds and sprouted grains (not processed or refined, nothing made from flour or baked). 

Ch 10 – Daniel eliminated three food groups for 21 days and gave himself to prayer.

– “pleasant bread” – the biblical definition of this phrase means, “choice, pleasing, desirable, fond of, delightful / loaf of bread, flour mixed and baked, grain product”

– “meat” – living animal

– “wine” – fermented grape juice

Very simply, eliminating these three food groups would mean: 

  • No processed flour, sugar or yeast from any grain products (bread, pasta, baked goods of any kind)
  • No animal products (meat, eggs, dairy)
  • No fermented products made w/fruit, vegetables, grains, sugar, yeast, alcohol (alcoholic beverages, kombucha, soy sauce, miso, sauerkraut)
  • The word “pleasant” could also be applied to any food that you love or crave (i.e., coffee)

Also, food should be simple. Bread and meat both required long preparation and cooking processes. A vegetable-based diet is simple.

So, what can you eat?

  • Raw grains (soaked/sprouted, then either dried or gently warmed) = spouted rice, quinoa, oats, bulgar wheat/wheat berries
  • Raw nuts/nut-butters
  • Seeds (whole or ground, dry or soaked) = flax, chia, sesame, sunflower, hemp, etc.
  • Legumes (long soaking, slow cooking) = beans, lentils
  • Vegetables (some are more nutritious raw, but others are more nutritious cooked, like broccoli and carrots)
  • Fruit (avoid very sweet and starchy fruits like dates, figs, bananas, watermelon, grapes)
  • Water, herbal tea, unprocessed nut milk (soak raw nuts to make “milk”)
  • Coconut oil, olive oil, palm oil (raw, unrefined)

Here are some meal ideas:

Sprouted oats, cinnamon, nuts, apples, coconut oilTabouli salad (cucumber, tomato, parsley, green onion, bulgar wheat)Vegetable soup w/rice
Avocado toast on Ezekiel breadSalad w/quinoa and veggiesChili (without meat)
Almond butter on Ezekiel bread, appleGreen salad w/oranges, beets, pepitas, sunflower seeds, red onionStir-fry over rice
Smoothie w/almond or oat milk, spinach, fruit, almond butter, chiaHummus, veggies, sprt’d crackersRice and bean bowl w/avocado, cilantro
Sprouted granola, almond/oat milkBaked sweet potato, fresh fruitLettuce wraps
Sprouted oats, seeds, berriesLeft-oversLeft-overs

Want more ideas and lots of great recipes?

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