Over 60 years ago, two young couples with growing families were longing for a church in the Chehalem Mountain region in which to raise their children. After praying about the need, they felt led by the Lord to start their own church. Lee Roy and Marion Jaquith would be the pastors, and Kenneth and Gertrude Jaquith, Lee Roy’s brother and Marion’s sister, would support them in the work of the Lord. They acquired the use of the Pleasant View school house on Bald Peak and began Sunday services there, naming the church Gospel Chapel. They continued at that location until they were able to move to Newberg in the early `50s. Lee Roy and Marion purchased a lot on Main Street and built their home on a piece of property adjoining that of a small stone church building formerly owned by the Catholics. Though small in stature, the little building was full of character . . . and soon it was full of people! Under the leadership of youth pastor Phil Jaquith, nephew to Lee Roy, the youth group grew to 125. The youth brought their families and the large Jaquith clan expanded, as Lee Roy and Marion’s and Kenneth and Gertrude’s children grew up, married, and began families of their own. The small stone church was full to capacity, and it was time to seek direction from the Lord as to a new facility.

In 1984, Pastor Lee Roy turned over his position as senior pastor to his son Steve, and it was Pastor Steve and Louisa Jaquith who saw the church move from its cramped quarters on Main Street to a spacious piece of property and a brand new building at the foot of Chehalem Mountain on College Street. In this same time period, the church sent out its first missionaries—Phil and Judy Jaquith to Mexico and then Dan and Colleen Jaquith to the Philippines. These were days of expansion and excitement in the House of the Lord!

After ministering for over 20 years as senior pastors, Steve and Louisa felt God leading them to a new expression of ministry. After much prayer and communication, Jeff and Karyn Wells were asked to take the senior pastor position at Gospel Chapel. Jeff and Karyn’s involvement with the church went back almost 30 years to when Karyn first joined the youth group at the age of 13. Jeff and Karyn were married at Gospel Chapel and spent Jeff’s last semester of Portland Bible College attending and serving at the church before leaving to Canada to serve at Jeff’s home church as youth pastors/associate pastors. They continued to maintain a good relationship with Gospel Chapel during the 20 years they spent in Canada, ministering from the pulpit on an almost yearly basis and speaking at two of Gospel Chapel’s youth conferences as well. It was both a natural and spiritual fit for Jeff and Karyn to step into the senior pastor position in the fall of 2007. One year later, the church was renamed RockPoint Church, a name reflective of the vision God had placed in Jeff’s heart to build a church on the Rock—Christ—and to make Him the central point of all the church is and is to be. Geographically the name suits the church because of its location at the base of Chehalem Mountain, a rock, at the northernmost point of the city of Newberg.

The vision for the future of RockPoint is faithful to its roots—to impact the lives of individuals with the Gospel of Christ, individually, in the community, and around the world. We are believing for evangelistic influence in every time zone of the earth, but that influence starts at home. RockPoint is a great place to belong, and as each member, every one of us, becomes all we were designed to be, we will be sent into our “world” to make His name known throughout the earth!