Our Leadership Team

Jeff and Karyn Wells
Lead Pastors
Pastor Jeff and Karyn Wells are the lead pastors of RockPoint Church.  Karyn attended RockPoint (formerly Gospel Chapel) in her youth and met Jeff while attending Portland Bible College. After graduation, Jeff and Karyn moved to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada where they served in Jeff’s home church as youth pastors and associate pastors for 20 years.  In 2006 they were asked to take the lead pastor position of Gospel Chapel.  After much prayer and prophetic confirmation, they moved their family down to Newberg and officially stepped into the leadership role in November 2007 with great anticipation and vision for the future, beginning with the name change to RockPoint.  Jeff and Karyn have four young adult children (two sons and two daughters), who are all serving the church in various capacities.
Josh Jen
Pastoral Assistant 
Josh is a graduate of Portland Bible College and is currently attending seminary to obtain his Master’s degree in Divinity.  Josh oversees the youth ministry and media.
Justin and Melissa Sainton
Worship Pastors
Justin and Melissa have years of worship and pastoral ministry experience. They oversee the worship ministry and bring a dynamic combination of musical skill, administration, and flow of the Holy Spirit. They have five kids and bring joy and enthusiasm to everything they do.
Kiely and Melody Bondurant
Young Adult Pastors
Kie and Melody have a heart for reaching young adults and college students. Through thought provoking conversation, challenging discourse, and  love for the word of God they have fostered a community built on a authentic relationship with Jesus and with others. Kie and Melody have five kids… and don’t mind having another forty invade their home!
Bridgett Weislogel
Prayer Pastor
Bridgett has a passion for the presence of God and interceding in prayer to shake the heavenlies and brings God Kingdom to Earth. She oversees the prayer ministry at RockPoint and has developed numerous prayer ministries. If you have a need, you want to be on Bridgett’s prayer list! Bridgett and her husband have three grown children and a beautiful piece of property that is a retreat for many.
Joe and Jerrie Jaquith
Pastor Joe is part of the eldership team, and he and Jerrie are most likely the first faces you’ll see when you walk in the front doors!  They are doorkeepers in the house of the Lord and passionate evangelists who look for the lost and the lonely and bring them into the House of God. Over their years of varied ministries, many people have found not just a pastor but a mother, a father, a confidant, and a friend in Pastor Joe and Jerrie.
Steve and Louisa Jaquith
Pastor Steve and Louisa formerly pastored Gospel Chapel and now serve as elders.  Their many years of service to the church and the community is a blessing.  They have a heart of compassion for the needy and are true counselors of the Word of God.