Weekly Sermon Questions

Justin and Melissa here! We normally share these discussion questions with our LifeGroup leaders – but in these remarkable days – your household is sometimes your LifeGroup! These are the questions for 4/19/2020.

As Pastor Jeff shared this week from Luke, we were so encouraged by the Word of God! We pray these discussion questions are a blessing and a help to you as you connect with others in your LifeGroups and allow the Word of God to dwell in you richly.

  1. Pastor Jeff shared today about those who have been forgiven much being those who love much. Isn’t it amazing how quickly we can forget how much we’ve been forgiven – and how quickly that can lead to a lukewarm love? How are you using this time under quarantine to grow in devotion towards Jesus? Or if you’re finding yourself feeling lukewarm – what can shift in your life right now to change that?
  2. In sharing about the life of Paul, Pastor Jeff noted that he started out as “chief of sinners”, and ended up, by virtue of the many Christo-centric declarations he penned throughout the epistles, as one of the greatest worshippers. The cause of the transformation being the mercy in the middle. How is the revelation of God’s mercy in your own life transforming your life’s imprint on this world?
  3. With such a foundational and vital practice as forgiveness – we can’t afford to skip the obvious question – are there people in your own life that you need to forgive? What’s stopping you?

Be encouraged, church! Everything that can be shaken is being shaken and the Lord is refining His Church. The darkness may be getting darker, but even so, the light is getting brighter and more beautiful with every passing day.

As a reminder, if you have any prayer requests for the pastoral staff and prayer team – you can submit those via the form at the bottom of our website. And of course, as always, our pastors are also only a phone call (or Zoom session, FaceTime, text, etc.) away.

All our love,
Justin & Melissa Sainton